820-4924 doesn't see nor charge battery


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Water damaged around battery connector.

Already changed ISL6259 due to lower resistance on CHGR_UGATE. (0.110 vs 0.527 on known good?). It measured around 0.527 after replace. Laptop started, battery not recognized yet.

Checked CHGR_UGATE and it's around 0.110 now.

ISL pins 17/18 (3.9 Ohms) pins 27/28 (20.5 Ohms)

SMBUS_SMC_5_G3_SDA - 0.469
SMBUS_SMC_5_G3_SCL - 0.470
SYS_DETECT_L - 1.699

PPBUS with battery - 0V.
PPBUS without battery - 12.59V.

Did battery just kill two ISL chips?
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Bad battery it sounds like. If it doesn't see the battery, but you get 12.59 volts on PPBUS without the battery, highly likely a bad battery.


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Liquid spill under J7050 can easy kill the SMC through SCL line; closesest to power pins.
But you have correct resistance to ground (diode mode) at both SCL/SDA lines.
Confirm if valid for voltage too.

Don't waste time measuring around Q7130 if you get correct PPBUS_G3H without battery.

When only battery connected (no charger), post voltage on battery connector and F7140.
Be sure Q7155 is not shorted.

I recommend you to try a known good battery; even old, just for test.


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pins 123 (0.113) pin 4 (0.620) pin 5 (OL)

Plugged in old "dead" battery from 2014.

PPBUS was 12.87V when laptop started. Now while in OSX it's 12.57V.
SDA and SCL give 3.42V.
J7050 pins 10, 11, 12 give 2.23V with old battery plugged in.

I'm connected to DPCS now (drawing 270mA) and battery status says: Replace now, Battery is not charging.


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Will do so. Thank you.

Last question for this thread: any good sources to get original battery or at least high quality battery in Europe? Or this battery game is just blind roulette?


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You can try to get second hand one, instead of new chinese garbage.
But look at cycles count before you pay for it.