820-4924 No power MagSafe is detected


Hennessey was spilled on this Mac on top of the keyboard, but I see no liquid damage anywhere. S5 rails appear to be present, but S4 PP3V3 rails I keep coming back to.
U3210 I also keep coming back to.
Here are the voltages
U3210 pins 6/7/12/14/18/5/11/17, but pins 19/20 both show 3.3v.
Magsafe charger is lit up and does go from green to amber when plugged in and battery disconnected.
At first I could not perform a SMC reset but I found another Mac with a keyboard and I was able to reset the SMC successfully.
Any idea where I can go next for this? Is U3210 the issue here?
Thank you.


Staff member
U3210 is only used for thunderbolt connection.
If thunderbolt is not needed, remove Q3080.

L7310/20 voltage cycling too?
What about pins 7 & 3 of U1950 and PLT_RESET_L?