820-4924 no pp5v_s3


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this computer has been looked at before. oh happy day!

charger turns green then orange

no fan spin

PPBUS_G3H - 12.56V
PP3V42_G3H - 3.4V
PPVRTC_G3H - 3.33V
PP5V_S5 - 5.0V
PP5V_S4 - 0V DIODE MODE 0.098V
PP5V_S3 - 0V DIODE MODE 0.001V
PP5V_S0 - 0V DIODE MODE 0.568V

On injecting voltage into pp5v_s3 rail we the only things heating up are the audio amp chips which are not shorting out as i whipped them off thinking ive found it then realised that the hottest thing on the board need not be the short.

do i just need to take off all the caps to earth till i find the offender?

any ideas great fully recieved...