820 5482 a - spin, chime, but no picture

As per title, no visible damage, no liquid residue, nothing that I could see.
Tried with an external screen via HDMI and couldn't get a picture either,
Please assist
Thank you in advance!
USB seems to work, I actually had a screen come up for a few seconds, showing the login screen and suddenly went black with all else seemingly still on


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Missing image and backlight at same time?
Do you get voltage at pins 5 and 28-30 of J8300, at least in the first few seconds (when chimes)?


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Check voltage at pins 28-30 in the first few seconds (when chimes).
Be sure L8300 is good.
Also check LCD_PWR_EN and LCD_5V_EN in the first few seconds.
pins 28-30 nothing during during chime
LCD_5V_EN 0v
measured during multiple boot cycles

L8300 under 1 ohm so its bad, I understand this happens due to screen connector short, anything I should check before replacing L8300?