a1369 (or maybe it 1466) backlight intermittent


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820-3437 had a little liquid spill. i cleaned and replaced C8317 and ran a wire to LVDS pin 3-4, worked fine for a while then sometimes backlight goes out so I did C7796,

but now some time later its acting up again. seems more like at cold startup, like it takes some time to warm up. should i replace the other caps C7797 and C7799 or do those not go bad?


Boot without flat cable to the IO board. If still issues probably corrosion under LP8550 or bad feedback trace to ball A5.


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io cable off, new lp8550 did no different, ran wire for feedback, still same
you think its the lvds socket? there was a burn there but it was working till now, maybe it finally shorted out?


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Replace the connector. Since you already replaced the LP8550 I assumed you made sure bkl en was present and checked that everything in the area was ok right? Like the caps and resistors in the area