A1932 Macbook Air not turning on

A1932 Macbook Air with water damage to the Audio board area.

Audio board was completely damaged therefore was replaced with a new one, macbook also had some water damage on the battery connector and nearby area but battery is fine and not shorts on capacitor C8469) or diode (D8410)

USB Meter shows 5.2V and 0.21Amps on PP20V_USBC_XA_VBUS (Current drops zero and loops)
USB Meter shows 5.2V and 0.21Amps on PP20V_USBC_XA_VBUS (Current drops zero and loops)

PPBUS_G3H = 5v
PP20V_USBC_XB_V = 5v
PP3V3_G3H_RTC = 3.2v
PPBUS_G3H = 12.31v

No Short on F3000 or F3010 or F7000

Q7065 Voltages
Source Pin 1,2,3 = 12.32v
Gate Pin 4 = 12.31v
Drain Pin 5,6,7,8 = 0.22v

Voltages at Fuse F7000 (On Charger going through Q7065)

Pin 1 = 0.22
Pin 2 =0.22

Voltages at Fuse F7000 (on Battery)
Pin 1 =1.31
Pin 2 =1.21

No short to ground on any coils
5VPWM = 0.01v
3VPWM = 3.24v
Up and Down inductor = 5.1

I assume PPBUS_G3H needs to be created first at a voltage of 12.6 - 1305 volts before the CD32 work? or do I have an issue with the U7000 ISL9240HI? Could the Audio Board water damaged caused damaged to the main board and if so what area (T2 Chip?)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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I bet T2 was fried because of corrosion on audio board.
It is already common issue for 820-01521 board.
BTW, start new thread posting corresponding 820-xxxxx code of the board.

You can check diode mode to ground at T2 lines going to J6100.
Start with pins 32/33!

Please, post accurate information in your posts.
"PPBUS_G3H = 5v
PPBUS_G3H = 12.31v
Voltages at Fuse F7000
Pin 2 =0.22"
Isn't PPBUS_G3H on all these points???


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No need to create new post; you can change the title instead.
However, no need to do anything on this post.
We clarified what board you have on the desk...