A2337 M1 MacBook Air stuck in boot loop


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I have an A2337 M1 MacBook Air that had coffee spilled on it, but there was no liquid at all visible on the logic board or audio/power button board. The laptop was stuck booting to the boot options menu, and if I tried to pick Macintosh HD it would pause, then reboot back to the boot options menu. I replaced the keyboard top case and the power button since they were clearly damaged, but the issue persisted. I'm currently trying to restore the operating system using Apple Configurator on another MacBook Air (it did boot to the Recovery menu, but would continue to loop to the Options screen after the 1st reboot of macOS installation). But, DFU restore fails, with the following errors (attached pictures). If I force it into DFU mode with the key combo and then do a Restore from Apple Configurator, it works for some time and then gives a 4014 error after reboot followed by the exclamation mark screen on the dead Mac. If I try to run Restore again from the exclamation mark screen, it gives me the 0x15 error.

Anyone know a possible fix?


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Try DFU disconnecting internal LCD.
Connect charger cable before DFU cable.
Be sure the target laptop takes current from charger, not from host laptop.

Also try with both charger and battery connected.


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No luck. I get the exact same errors with the LCD disconnected. I did connect the charger cable before the DFU cable (I'm using a white Apple USB-C-to-C charger cable). Target laptop does take current from charger - switches between 0.4 and 2.22A at 20V (mostly at 2.22 except while rebooting). I do have both the battery and the charger connected.