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master , I see you lose suscribers because of that , or belive it was not that good , well , I don't think is that , after months and hours and hours and days and days of practice I barely start fixing boards recently , for me was hard and still there is so much to learn , im not ready to learn something diferent yet , I just put money down for my ultrasonic donor boards and other equipment , the phone tutorial will be my next goal but I need to finish the board stuff first , I belive the tutorial is great , and is also a exelent way to make more money thank you! , maybe was like overwhelming for other people too ?? plz don't stop with any kind of new tutorial :)


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I think it is great what Louis does on sharing knowledge. Also imo he gains more than loses.

For the peeps leaving. Pfff
How do they do in life?
Leaving because they did not get what they want or leaving because they got more then they can chew


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It's a very useful system.

When someone calls if they are in the system I can see what the status is of the ticket on the caller ID. Should I pick up, tell someone else to pick up, ignore.. it's gold.

Call recording and all. Everyone should have this!


Hi louis i set up my phone system off your tutorial it was fun setting up, until i have this 1 issue kicking my ass so I'm a little lost.
here is the deal on inbound calls phone rings i can answer everything is great , now outbound calls is a freaking nightmare i have a dial tone but when i make a call there is no ring back tone and the call goes out but when the other line pics up i hear nothing they hear me i can't hear them what could i have done wrong, i followed everything step by step any ideas?


Hmm do you think this has something to do with the pbx network upon installation, I had lots of trouble doing manual ip configuration the only way I got it to work was to do automatic set up, should I start over and try manual ip set up in the beginning of the install.


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This problem is always a NAT issue.

Three areas to check:
Nat on router - make sure ports are open and properly routed
Nat on pbx - make sure port ranges are set properly on all pbx levels
Lastly... Asterisk has a config file where you set up your external ip and enable nat as a whole. (This one took me days to figure out when i first got started with pbx systems.)

Make sure you open ports for both sip port and rdp port ranges.


Hi Louis I have another question. Is it possible to have multiple numbers ring on one voip phone thru the pbx? If so do i have to set up different trunks for each number? Also in order to get my phone to ring on outbound calls i had to turn off firewall in my time warner modem is this ok or should i find another solution.


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What pbx do use?

Typically, multiple ring-to setup is controlled by creating ring groups. It does not require additional trunks asTrunks are connections to/from service provider.