Asus GL552V no boot

Customer brought this laptop in saying that it turns on then off a few seconds later.

Said it was working one day, she left it off in her laptop bag for a week then wrnt to turn it on with the obove problem.

Upon visual inspection i did not see any signs of liquid damage or excessive heat marks.
I have tried all the obvious fixes, power cycle, booting with diffirent ram, removing or non essential hardware.
The only slight improvment was after chwnging ram and removing hdd it showed a pciture for roughly 2 seconds then off again.

I have managed to get it to boot into windows by removing the bios battery and booting it with no keyboard plugged in, i can then opperate the laptop with an external mouse and keyboard.
However the laptop will simply not turn on with the bios battery plugged in and no keyboard. And ive tried booting with no bios battery and the keyboard, it just turns on then off whortly after.

Im thinking it has something to do with the bios it self or possibly the keyboard.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Staff member
Board starts directly without CMOS battery, is normal behavior.

Looks like you have a problem with power button, included in keyboard.
Check PWR_SW# level, w/ and w/o keyboard connected.