Data recovery for new models 2016+


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purchased one off ebay model number is 076-00236 it doesnt have the B in front so i dont think my one can do touch bar models? so annoying.
has anyone tried it yet?
still waiting for mine.
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I seriously don't know what the fuss is about with this. Its logic board to logic board transfer. I've used mine like once when i was an AASP. This is tool for them unless you are going to hold a working 2016/2017 Macbook pro at all times.

I guess i've been lucky and managed to fix the boards fairly quickly.


Same here, I have never needed this. If I do I'll go to my AASP here and they will do it for me. Suck up to your AASP, also handy for ASD, MRI, AST, AST2, GSX, etc.!


There is the interconnect flat cable for board to board transfer and there is the USB thing to just pull the data to any device.

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Ok thanks for the heads up. But actually we already had to turn away a DR job because we didn't have this tool and the board was beyond repair. Just found and ordered one online, let's see what this brings :)


Hi all - got this device and first board for data recovery but dont know how to use it. Faulty board is removed from MacBook. I got connected this board to this device and via USB C to working MacBook Pro 2016.
How I will have access to data? It should be visible as external drive or how?

Any advice?
use the provided cable would be my guess (shouldn't it come with a thunderbolt-3 cable?
if it doesn't show up, the board is probably f*kd beyond recognition..


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the reason everyone using it "once in a year" is that there's some apple warranty stuck to 2016 and 2017 models. wait a year or two and you will see how people look at you when you say something like "of course, Sir/Mam, i will transfer your data to this refurbished macbook and you may take it as a temporary device during my repair". believe me, there's nothing better than seeing Apple fan, numb from your "unauthorized service".