I'll just leave this here. New MacBook


Customer: Hi, my computer says "no wifi hardware installed"...??
Apple "Genius": I'm sorry to hear that. It seems like we need to replace the main logic board.
Customer: Oh, what's the price for that ?
Apple "Genius": It depends on the amount of storage you got.

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Just more people that will get pissed off at Apple. RAM failure, new board $700 and all you data gone. Airport failure, $700 all your data gone. It's become a $2500 iPhone.....

Oh and just wait till they start pairing the board/battery/trackpad and LCD together, so you cannot swap them without some Apple proprietary program tool.


I dont think these macbook pros are going to sell that well. I just specc'd up the maximum available. £4475, come on thats just stupid.


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Do realize that this cuts out 99% of your competitors whose idea of data recovery was buying some $15 dongle off eBay, plugging the drive in, and charging the customer $50-$250 to copy stuff off a dead machine. Yes, it is a downside that it is more annoying to repair, but look at the upside, in that it gives you a competitive edge if you have this skillset.


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Since the data is distributed equally in the flash chips using a controller, I assume one would not be able to remove each chip, and read the data from that individual chip. Would each flash chip need to be removed, reballed, and soldered onto a working logic board to perform a data recovery operation?

If I'm thinking correctly, it might be easier to make a breakout board with three sockets that accepts each flash chip and have the breakout board soldered to a working logic board. This would be a pretty cool project and worth it if apple continues to go with permanently soldered flash chips.


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I don't think you will be able to get the data out of the flash chips without a working controller.