Imac 27 2015 Power supply Question

This iMac was sent to me stating it stopped working after they attempted to upgrade the HDD to SSD. i believe i've found the issue but first want to confirm and second want to see if anyone know's what size the fuse is. See picture.
I measured across and i'm getting what appears to be an open circuit, but that's as long as this is a fuse. (Note: This is my first iMac troubleshooting).
So, if this is a fuse, does anyone know what the Amp and volt rating? Theres no marking on it. Thanks



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Looks more like a cap.
Give me full code of power supply board.

You can look at datasheet, or application of the corresponding IC; NCP1396 or DDA001AG, maybe.
Is not so complicated to identify the components in the board.
the camera quality was a bit poor, it's actually white in color the component. Basically identical to PPBUS_G3H fuse found on A1466 logic boards.

The power board number is:


other numbers on the board:
Model - ADP-300AF T