iPhone 6s bootloop/stuck apple logo


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I have a water damaged 6s that I repaired backlight issue after crest. Customer said battery was draining fast, so I told them I would replace it and it worked for a day or two but now phone is bootloop/stuck on logo/flashing logo.
does anyone have any advice?
kind regards

So I have the phone on now but when i set it down on my desk the screen jumps a bit.... I don't know what to do, I did a reflow to chestnut but that didn't seem to help, I wonder if reballing it would-
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Tell me this is a known good screen. Was U4000 corroded or is this just a guess? I wouldn't bother with reflow, just replace in case of liquid damage.


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Yes this was a known good screen. u4000 was not corroded just a guess. I did have a 5s two days ago was water damaged and pullin quarter amp. Reballed and was working ok. So I thought just tying reflow would be worth a shot.


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Your problem description is a little vague, but it sounds exactly like a problem that FixingMom recently had on my YouTube channel. Not sure if she figured it out.