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So proud to be here and so happy to have stumbled upon Louis and his videos on Youtube. This is not a "kiss your ass" post but a "thank you for showing me the way".

I had, until recently, a declining business in the computer repair sector which still exists under a different administration and I am no longer a part of it - I went solo.

How did I get to that? I knew things were not the way I wanted them to be and I knew that something had to change - but - I didnt know where to start. I just knew there is more to it, more to what I want to do, how to work and organize myself, and it becomes obvious that you either need the right people next to you or nobody at all.

At that time I watched my first Louis video ranting about reballing - that field is my specialty and I own a Finetech FinePlacer PICO RS system - one that Louis would probably approve but discard as too expensive - and I thought he talks out of his ass, not all chips are damaged in the internal balls, not all chips are the same, and if you do it right you get overall good results and so on - those where my thoughts. At that time I knew shit about apple motherboard level repair.

Couple of weeks later I was looking at a customer's macbook with dead USBs. I went online and stumbled on Louis's videos again! And I thought "NO not him again!" but kept watching... and I got hooked.

At that time I had a lot of excuses but I watched that video, too ...being lucky enough to have some money aside, one by one my excuses were disappearing: new hot air system, new soldering station, new microscope, an oscilloscope, a Crest bath and more all less all I needed to get me started. In the meantime I managed to repair a few boards after asking some of my clients to try me out. And that was it.

I now work at home, having setup two labs and if the thing grows then so be it - in the meantime I need to get better and this is the right place to that.

Louis I want to thank you for all your guidance and for opening my eyes to something I did not know existed before nor that I could actually do it. I do hope when I visit NY (its one of the plans) then come and see you, too.

Now for your viewing pleasure - not a show off but something I am proud of - I uploaded some pictures.

I hope we will help each other here and we gain the so much needed experience in this business. And yes using our brain does help.


PS still need air-filtering and couple more things to have a "completed" (it never is) setup. Also there is not way so far to get Branson EC in Europe????


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