Mac Mini Mid 2011 820-3059-A = doesn't start, voltages pulse


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Not Macbook board related, but some info would be nice if someone knows. I'm a complete noob here.

Problem: doesn't start. 3.42V and 11.89V present. Other voltages pulse when the power button is pushed.

Board is clean and no previous work has been done. Actually, I even managed to start it after pushing power button like 10x and it gave me one beep (RAM wasn't physically installed).

As far as I have researched, there are no leaked documents for Mac Minis?


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No schematics, nor boardview available.
Try to start in SMC bypass.

"I even managed to start it"
Did you get it fully working?
Check if CPU coils pulse too.


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Okay, to start it, just connect a random keyboard, hold combo and power button?
As for the one time that it started, when I heard the beep, I turned it off since nothing was connected to it. It was just bare board.
As for the pulses, I believe pretty much everything pulses, including CPU coils.