Mac Pro Retina 13 inch Early 2015 not powering on


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Hi Guys I have a retina 2015 that was liquid damaged, we cleaned it and all was working fine for a month, after replacing the battery. Now it does not want to start when pressing power on the keyboard. When pluging in the charger it starts up and works fine. I also tried another keyboard and trackpad but still doesnt respond to power key. Logic board issue?



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Check the connector.
Does shorting SMC_ONOFF_L to gnd turn it on?
Once running does pressing the power button do anything?
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Issues like this are usually caused by an issue between the power button and the board.... So the keyboard, trackpad (Probably not since you replaced it) and the trackpad cable. With everything plugged in and with the board in the chassis short your power pins (R5116/R5115) and see if it turns on, If so, Your issue is with the keyboard/ trackpad/cable. If it doesn't, Unplug the trackpad and keyboard and try again. If it starts you know the trackpad/keyboard is keeping it from starting...

It could be a board issue but I doubt it. Willing to bet it's in the keyboard or trackpad cable.