MacBook A2681 - Pink screen then reboots



I have that MacBook Air M2 that will randomly restarts giving a pink screen at first.
The crash log reports the following message: SOCD report detected: (iBoot panic).
That's it.

When running the diagnostic tool, it gives the error about the camera NDC001
When booted up, the camera will work, I haven't seen any issue.
The laptop can run for minutes, no issues and sometimes crashes every so seconds.
Even in recovery mode it did crash.

I am tempted by a DFU restore but I am afraid there's a hardware issue and the Mac will never restore becoming a brick.
So far, I've taken apart the laptop and inspected it visually and I saw no signs of liquid.
Trackpad looks good, screen connectors as well as all the connectors look fine too.

Any hint on where I should focus my attention please?