MacBook Air 2015, 820 00165 A, keyboard/touchpad works only pre-login (liquid damage)

Hi again and Happy New Year!

The same unit that had a backlight issue. (
Just got the password from the client. on login screen both touchpad and keyboard work perfectly
The moment I log in, they are gone.
I am hoping it is a common issue

Edit: tried safe mode, no keyboard/touchpad even on the login screen :/
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Is not common fail.
Trackapad communicates with PCH through USB before login into OSX.
Once logged in, communication is done through SPI bus.
Check al R4850-03 resistors and voltages for U4810.
Thank you 2informaticos

R4850 33.4 ohm
R4851 33.6 ohm
R4852 33.3 ohm
R4853 33.3 ohm

The resistors seem fine I guess


1 3.33v
2 3.30v
3 0v
4 gnd
5 3.33v
6 0v
7 3.33v
8 3.33v

Measurements taken with only power and the fan connected


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You must take voltages for U4810 before and after logged in...
Then compare how react its inputs and outputs.
Thank you!

As I started to look into ways I can check the voltages while running the os, I noticed that the issue is with the flex cable (touchpad to mobo). I had a similar unit - new flex fixed it

Thanks again!