Macbook Air A1466 820-0015-A Unable to Boot (Battery Charging Sign Only)Solved


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Hello jhon here again, I have macbook air A1466 unable to boot keep on showing battery charging in lowbat mode even no battery connected.
History It was fully dead due to a shorted capacitor I just removed and replace the capacitor and it power on with the charger alone, So I expected all is fine then I assimble the unit but it will not boot if the battery and the usb flex is connected. Anyone had incounter this kind of issue please help me to fix it I am newbie on macbook repair.



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Try to see what happens disconnecting LIO flex; keep only power connected from LIO board.
Use original Magsafe 2 charger, not 1->2 adapter.
Post exact PPBUS_G3H voltage w/ and w/o battery connected.

Try to start in SMC bypass mode too...


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Thanks sir the macbook is successfully fixed now. It was C7373 Is the only one cause of the issue I just replace a new one from other motherboard and it successfully fixed.

Thanks a lot sir


Hola, tengo el mismo problema, sin la batería la computadora enciende y funciona a la perfección; cuando conecto la batería solo me muestra el ICONO como si estuviera descargada. Que puedo revisar en primer lugar?