MacBook Air A2337 after standby trackpad and keyboard don't work

Hello guys,

There is a similar post on the forum with the same issue but not complete.

I tried to reflow all the components around the UT330 but the issue is not fixed.
After an SMC reset it works again till the next standby.

Since I have 3 MacBooks with the same issue, I wish to understand e permanent fix the issue.

Also pretty hard to test. Any help why this happens? can we trace the missing soldering trace or the faulty chip?
Battery is charging and machine works fine without battery.
The issue also appears when screen goes on sleep.

While diagnosing I realised is missing the PP5V_S2SW_IPD when issue is there.

But PP5V_S2 is always there. Can be LT403 or UC840?
enable is missing.

Going back I miss everything when issue is there so :

P3V3_S2SW_IPD_EN missing

P5VS2_PWR_EN missing
IPD_PWR_EN missing

PP1V8_AON_MPMU present
can it be UC870 ?
or it is U8100?
AMR_LEFT_OR_ND_1V8 is there
the right one is hard to test because board is inside and to make the issue screen and keyboard needs to be connected.

i noticed without the battery connected the closing lid sensor does not work. is that normal?
AMR_RIGHT_OR_ND_1V8 is present

Now the issue is constantly there, can not make the keyboard and trackpad working.

PP5V_S2SW_IPD is 0.3V and slowly decreases to 0.

Trackpad is clicking for the first 3 seconds and after booting not working.

The lid sensor is not detecting the screen closing.

It is triggering me :(
Apparently UR300 is the issue, at the moment, probably I pressed it while working for the cable.

I pulled the same chip from a spare board and looks different, and does not work. Any ideas?
i fixed the issue with the UR300 installing the original one, so now screen acts normal again and I have just the issue of the trackpad and keyboard not working.
Now both work in the alt menu, and not further in the booting or into the OS all the time.
The lid sensor is not detecting the screen closing.


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Did you check UR200 signals in closed position?
Use magnets for simulation, if needed.

Check UT355 voltages, once booted macOS.
I noticed that screen was changed with a low quality one.

Tested with original and the issue is gone. Can it be?
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