Macbook Pro A1989 820-00850 Stucks at 5v. 0.00amp No Boot After Water Damage

Keep in mind, you've already injected 12V into CPU!
Possibly no repair on this board.
Nothing to lose however; give it a try with new chip.
And don't do same error next time...
Thank you for your all help. Now the computer boots. But there are other issues I found out,

1) It does have no display/image and backlight.
2) No external display too.
3) No chime.
4) I can hear the charging sound when I plug in the cable.
5) I dont know if it comes up before log in (can't remember how it works normally), if it does then no touchbar.

Anything else you want me measure for you? Or anything you advice me to do? Like SMC reset? By the way which is the right SMC reset for this mainboard? Because all websites are saying different things for SMC reset.

Thank you

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I have checked

and I read the same ones on lcd connecter flex too. And these are internal lcd connected measured values
I am reading it as I have time always. But I m busy at the shop and when I got home I have a 6 months old daughter so she is getting my time until midngiht then to keep my wife at home trying to spend time to her too. :D :D So really doing my best to read every post or anything I can find before posting here directly.

However my customer going to get his computer back soon and because he is going back to moscow so he will try it to be fixed for video there. But thank you for you all help.

Im really appreciate that you bear with me.

Thank you very much.