Macbook Pro Retina 820-3476 not charging


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The computer turns on but no charge, the customer tried to resold the power supply cable by inverting the wires.

I do not usually repair mac cards, it's for a friend. I usually repair iphone cards.

i would like to know if there is any reverse gate protection. i checked the fuse but are ok , and i tried a new dc in board


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As per schematic, Q7180 works as Reverse-Current Protection, apart of Inrush Limiter.
D7005 protects 3V42 power supply too.
Thanks God, something get burnt in such case, and we can pay the meal :)

Start checking voltages at L7095 and U7100.


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yes . ok i have to order this stuff .. and i have to order from usa,,, mouser i think .. what can i buy .

q7010 SI5419DU

d7010 GDZT2R6 0201

d7005 SBR0330CW sot-323
q7180 IRF9395TRPBF

there are any other component to buy just to be sure to have all component from dcin to isl


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I'll explain I have to make 1 order from mouser and I would like to make one only as I pay € 20 shipping from USA to Italy, so I would like to take extra components to make sure I have everything I can