MY_BRAIN_EN_L is high.


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The trick is to cut your losses before a board makes you go insane.

I once spent 3 days on a board because I wanted to fix it so badly and felt like I was so close. Never fixed it but it definitely ruined my day!
Usually if after a couple of hours when no end is near I drop the board for a couple of days. Then I have one last look at it with a fresh mindset and if I still can't fix it, return it.

Anyways good luck


I'm with Smiba here. Put those crap boards aside and go do something else. Peering at shit for hours to try and make something of it hasn't ever done anything for me besides slowly filling my rage bar up.


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throw it across the room. always works..

seriusly i realized that spending 12hours on a board leads to nothing, if i can't figure out shit (especially with these new siemens shit inverter boards coming in) i just drop everything, go to the range a bit, drop down a box of .223 and come back, 95% of the times starting with a clear mind makes you find things you didn't see earlier

or consider how many other boards you could have fixed in that same ammount of time wasted on one and money per time wasted and consider if that board was really worth that much. Standing on a board is not free. electricity and rent and all. make most of the time you are in the lab


I just had a 2016 mpb in with liquid damage. I took 3 weeks to work on it, only pulling it out and working it when I had a clear head.
Rest of the time, head down, get other repairs done that aren't as mentally taxing, and make sure you have time to relax.
If a customer absolutely needs a difficult repair done ASAP I price them a replacement board. At that point most people wait, and the few with more money than patience pay out.