New signups troubleshooting - how to sign up to post, resolving issues, etc.


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Welcome to the new forum! :)

Over the past five months, dealing with vbulletin/paypal has been a nightmare. The payment method between vbulletin/PayPal wasn't working - the IPN was trying to refer to an incorrect URL. vBulletin was passing the wrong information to Paypal. As a result, it seems PayPal has stopped sending IPN messages entirely, even with the new xenforo forum.. I spent about an hour on the phone with PayPal and it went nowhere, so I switched to Stripe for payments. All is now working.


1) If you want to sign up, after registering, go to and pay through here. I think it might even support apple pay, but I can't test that(for obvious reasons :p).

2) If you signed up in the past day or two using Paypal and it did not add you, let me know - email [email protected] , we'll refund you on PayPal and you'll have to sign up using a credit card with stripe. I realize how much of a miserable pain in the ass this is and wish I had dumped vbulletin when these issues first began in December. I am sorry. :(

3) It seems most people can log in, but for a few people their old passwords are not working. If that is the case, email us FROM THE EMAIL YOUR ACCOUNT IS REGISTERED TO and we'll reset your password for you.

I am sorry for all of these issues - this is inexcusably bad forum management on my part, and totally my fault.