Oven choices... What works best?


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Decided to split up tools. Its was getting wild.

So for ovens drying and reflow preheat what do you use or wish u had.

I currently just use a coutertop convection toaster oven. I also previously mentioned the controleo kit for building a more precise rig. Has anyone tried the controleo unit?


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Heat mats for ipad are completely different beast. Heat oven is exactly that, an oven, and more so used for the following:
1)Drying out board after clean
2)Prewarm board before desolder
3)Slow cool down of board after reflow (thermal equalizing to prevent fractures)
4)Reflow soldering

Guess you could still bake in it too if you like the taste of flux-muffins... Good Ol' Blueberry 559.