power supply ribbon cable connector pulled off board :*(


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Hey Everyone,

I need some help y'all. I messed up my wifes computer so im in the dog house. I accidentally ripped off of the board the batter power supply connector for the ribbon. Does anyone have any clue where i can get a replacement connector? I can solder fine i have access to reflow station at work so i can get it fixed i just need the part...

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First of all, welcome to the forum!

The easiest way should be to get a dead battery and remove the connector.
Make a visit to local laptop repair shops.

Possibly some connectors from scrap logic boards may have same configuration.
Compare with microphone connector, for example.

To remove the old connector, use 138 degrees solder paste; will make the job easy.


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so the connector on the motherboard side is bad, the ribbon cable already got a new one from ifixit so that was easy.
Do you guys in your shop have any scrap boards for sale? maybe from a completed data recovery? Doesnt seem much available on ebay for this model and the local shop i looked into was no help :/


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Your board should be 820-01987, but any 2016-2020 board should have the same battery connector.
This connector has 10 pins, but only 3 active lines, plus ground.
So, you could solve the problem soldering 4 wires.
In such case, be aware to disconnect first the wire from pin 7, if you want to work on the board.
Also, solder this wire as last one; when you only need to put the back cover.

Look at similar connectors from other boards.
Maybe microphone connector can help.