[SOLVED]820-2936 stay in s0 mode


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Have a liquid damage board here that stay in s0 mode.

i`m missing PP0V75_S0_DDRVITT

on u7300 measuring volts:

Pin 1) 0V
Pin 2 1,5V
Pin 3) 0V
Pin 5) 0,75V
Pin 6) 1,79V
Pin 8) 1,49V
Pin 9) 1,52V
Pin 11) 0,10V
pin12) 5,05V
pin 13) 1,50V
pin14) 1,50V
pin15) 6,55V
pin16) 3,32V
pin17) 0V
pin18) 0,96V
pin19) 0V
pin20) 096V

can someone point me too next step?


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Think maybe the cpu ton resistor is fucked up.

in diode mode i get 5,82M ohm (red on ground)


How can you measure the TON resistor with a probe on GND? You measure the resistance on both pins of the resistor.....


Seems you didnt understand yet.. Red probe on pin 1 and black probe on pin 2 from R7402!! If it is truly 6.44M then the resistor is pretty fucked up!!


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have replace 7402 and have the right ohm (90,6K) and have 3.31V PLT_RESET_L

no chime and no screen


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PP0V75_S0_DDRVTT i now have 0.75V on

and on CPU Vcore i have 0.77V
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update: Have the happy apple startup chime (Y) and pictures on screen just missing the back light. pin 21/22 (j9000) only give me 12,5V

(LED driver allready replace was the second thing aftrer replacing lvds connector)
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