[SOLVED] No green light 820-4924

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I get no green light on 820-4924.
ISL area looks perfect for ref.

On D7005 i get 0.02v on pin 1 which should be 16v+
Likewise for pin 2 its 0v.

On Q7010 i do get voltage on pin 1 at 16v but I'm confused what the DCIN ISOL area is for and whether this is causing the issue?

Any ideas?



Update: Ran a wire from pin 1 of Q7020 to pin 1 Q7010 and i get a green light and PP3V42 obviously now present.... still not powering on though. Will pick this up again in the morning


First start with powering a magsafe connector with an external PSU or use a fake Chinese charger. The original ones will shut down if anything is wrong and are no good for diagnosis. Voltage on R7011 is the first thing to measure then.
Okay will do that later on - also forgot to add that D7010 was actually missing altogether. Do you think this is causing the problem?
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Okay back on it - swapped out the cables for the PSU as they were getting old anyway. Powered on straight away..... thanks for the help as always!
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