[SOLVED]"Quad" Bit setting for 820-3023


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Got around to test driving this one finally, all systems are a go but I get the impression it's not permorming optimally. Originally there were some spi termination components missing, replaced them. Misdiagnosed the U6100 as failing as the board would only turn on after heat was applied to the area (i thought) which lead to

Replaced U6100 dumping the original, testing a random bin on a NEW mx25l6406d before writing back the original bin... I believe (yupp, im THATguy). It 's running slow it seems but the only error thrown in ASD is Thermal interface TIM test "unknown result code. I've had the heatsink off/on several times each with new compound yet the suggestion is to check that it's properly attached, I don't know what to make of the error.

3 questions:

1) what is the ASD heatsink error implying besides the obvious state of physical attachment?
2) where in ASD is the ME region info listed?
3) was I meant to address a "quad" bit setting (I came across an older post mentioning that new bios chips had to have this configured, i have no idea what it is or if it even applies to this MLB) since the rom was new?


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hey duke,
sarcasm... sorry

I read a post where you mentioned quad bit mode needing to be set when flashing a bios onto a new nand chip. Does that apply for all boards, specificlly 3023's?
where in ASD is the me region state displayed; is that test included in 3s14?
Machine is lagging pretty hard, passes efi/os no errorrs. what else would you suggest looking over?


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Quad bit is only for 820-00165/820-00163/820-4924/ 2015+ boards. 820-3023 is 2011, older, doesn't use quad SPI so no quad bit setting required. If you look at the difference in the SPI ROM in the schematic on the 820-3536 and the 820-4924 it should become easy to tell when quad SPI is needed and when it is not.

In terms of the sarcasm, I made a <a href="https://www.rossmanngroup.com/boards/forum/board-repair-troubleshooting/22948-delays-in-replies">sticky</a> explaining this just last week. For this week, Duke is traveling with poor internet, and I have two employees on vacation. To make repeated bumps to a thread hours after the OP, after I have created this sticky is not helping anyone. If instant reply is required, I can respect that and can refund your month.800–275–2273 has a live person always available and enthusiastic to answer your questions.
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Apologies Louis. My comments were not intended to imply dissatisfaction or disrespect and didn't take into account the collective community aspect of this forum.. Thanks for clarifying.

Btw it was a bad battery at fault here.