Staples TekDry??


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I was not trying to get it but a wierdo came in with an iphone 6s and told me he went to staples, put it in this totally COOL machine, so sophisticated that it did not fix his 6s HAHAHAHA. I am like really, the so cool machine did not fix it. I said try APPLE, may be they can help you out!! If you want me to work on this phone will take 2-3 weeks.

OHH SHIT i can't wait for 2 weeks...I need it NOW

Ok, take it somewhere they can do it today bee yatch.

I did not even go into the details of how I fix the water damaged boards. Waste of my hippy time.


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The logic behind this appears sound, but really only works for phones that have no other existing issues after intial water damage.

Basically, a really expensive vacuum dehydrator. However, what they dont mention is that it does nothing for any remnants left behind after the water content is dehydrated out; Salts, minerals, etc.

I guess if you lived in a really large city it may be worth it, but would be a disservice to your customer if the risk of not properly removing all trace elements left behind that a standard full treatment would address. I certainly wouldnt warranty this type of repair.

This is also something you could do yourself for about 300—500 dollars in equipment and u could even create a control program for vacuum and heat with some fairly simple arduino commands. Not sure the benefit is worth the effort though.


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this is bullshit in its entirety. You do NOT want something to dry out with the junk/crap/minerals/corrosion still on the board.


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I dont think anyone will argue that its a good solution for the customer, but if youre a cheap dumbass and tell the repair shop that u dont want to pay for the right fix as long as it works right now for less cost... and as a repair company you want to provide that service to customers that are just looking for the cheapest solution, then you probably want this machine. However i damn sure wpuldnt pay 15k for it.

Basically its a money grab for servicing dumbasses.

Funny side-note:
Seller responded to a youtube question regarding the left behind deposits. The sellers response hilariously suggested rinsing deposits with tap water and then drying. Doesnt even mention opening the board, so maybe you should just dunk it in more !Tap! water.