T2 firmware update process?


I've seen it referenced a few times on here that the T2 units can suffer from corrupted/damaged T2 firmware, which can be updated via DFU mode using a process. I did see where it was mentioned to "search the forum for recent topics...", but didn't find anything useful when doing so. It also doesn't help that you can't search phrases shorter than ~4 characters (so "T2" and "DFU" don't work).

If someone wanted to link to, or even provide a simple set of, instructions to accomplish this, that would be awesome and very useful. I believe I found it here, but not sure if this is the exact process (BridgeOS update) referenced on the forum. Here's what I found: https://mrmacintosh.com/how-to-resto...into-dfu-mode/

Also, what symptoms are people experiencing to know this process is needed? I've had several T2-based boards (all 01521) that had seemingly "random" deaths, with no visible damage and no power. Will a corrupted-T2 board show 20v or 5v on charger? Have seen a few threads (months ago) mention that a board not getting 20v could be a non-CD3215 issue, and I believe it might have been speculated it could be related to the T2 firmware issue. I can't recall, so wanted to post a thread. Any additional or helpful information would be greatly appreciated; we're all going to have to really lean on the repair community to crack the T2 beast, so hoping this might contribute in some way. Thanks in advance for any assistance.