Temperature of hot air for soldering/reflow


Hello guys,

I have a hot air station that is capable of supplying hot air up to 500 °C.
What are the recommended temperatures of hot air when replacing IC chips on Macbook boards (for example U7701/LP8550)?
Is the temperature the same when soldering BGA IC or any other component such as resistor or capacitor?

Usually I use 430-450 °C hot air to remove components. Is it better to have higher temperature for short time on the board or vice versa?

Thank you.


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Each hot air station requires specific settings.
Always better to practice with scrap boards.
The air flow is also important, apart of temperature.

Personally I use Hakko FR-810B with 400/2; rarely use 450/3, when more heat is required.
The nozzle diameter is also important, 8mm in my case.


Thank you 2informaticos. I also have 8 mm nozzle that I used most often. What is 400/2, I guess 400 is 400°C, but what is 2 or 3 in 450/3?


Hello guys, after removal of smd component with hot air, soldering iron is used with fresh solder to prepare pads for new component. I see this on many videos about repairing motherboards. First desoldering wick is used and then new solder is added. What is the temperature set on soldering iron when doing this? I need to be sure not to damage the pad.