Testing after repair (Tools software)


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If the fan spins I am done.

Apple logo on the screen is iPhone version of fan spin for me. ;)

All humor aside, ASD is useless outside sensor issues for me. It will say an 820-2915 passes GPU test when it can't play youtube for a minute without dying, it will give 2D graphics failures on 2009 A1286 which can furmark for a week straight. It is just useless for so many things.

The best testing is good old usage, best done by someone other than the person who fixed it.


I agree with Louis here. I only use EFI ASD and in most cases just to check all the sensors. I can't remember the last time I ran an ASD OS version.


As Louis once said "you don't want to see the customer again" so be sure you tested the machine well before giving it back!
ASD is the first but not the last test you should run!
Speaking of ASD: I have tons of different versions of ASD and it was a pain in the butt to get them all. Nevertheless I would like to share it with you, how can i realize it? (schematics too)