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Everytime you read/write a BIOS, MUST verify the file from logic board against the one stored in programmer.
Medusa also has the Verify option.


yep did that correctly
also cleaned the ME!

i am so happy this thing boots up !
i did it correctly!!

Machine boots fine
should i ultrasonic this thing
there is flux on and in the camera connector from when i replaced it

maybe crap in the connection?

or i can try a whole new display assembly with a new camera. maybe the camera sensor is bad

again, the camera works on this machine so im not sure what i am even trying to really fix from a function point of view. Is NDC001 a thermal sensor? on the camera line itself?

from my research: could this be camera is screwing up the SMBUS lines related to trackpad? ALS issue?

informaticos you may have addressed this:

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ALS is easy to test.
Vary the light on webcam/ALS area and see if LCD backlight and KB backlight react accordingly.