Water Damaged Macbook Air A1466 (3178) constantly reboots

I have a Macbook Air A1466 (820-00165-A) that had water damage, I have cleaned the board with isopropyl and put the board back together and I noticed the below

  1. The Green light on the charge stays comes on and the fan spins
  2. The Macbook Starts up and tries to boot in to the OS (Customer put on Windows on a MAC) and then it reboots
  3. The Macbook does not turn on when on battery alone
  4. I can't boot off a USB or press D to get diagnostics
  5. Most if not all water was on the bottom of the board (Board facing the case bottom)
I don't have a boardview for this motherboard. I am new to macbook repairs so please been patient with me but do know that I have some electronics experience from repairing laptops.



3V42_G3H 0.05 volts on battery only
3V42_G3H 3.42 volts on charger only
PPBUS_G3H 08.59 volts on charger only
PPBUS_G3H 1.45 voltage on battery only


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So battery is not correctly recognized, or is bad.
Try first disconnecting BIL (battery indicator).
Post voltage and diode mode at SCL/SDA lines of battery bus.

Did you try to boot USB macOS, disconnecting internal SSD?
The battery is charging I know this because when I plug in the charger and have the battery connected and leave it for 5 minutes I can see the voltage is higher then before when i did a previous testing PPBUS_G3H on battery only, the issue is that the macbook starts up to the operating system and then reboots in an endless cycle.
- Where is the Battery indicator located (Please indicated what to look for on boardview)
- Where are the SCL/SDA Lines (Please indicated what to look for on boardview)
- I am unable to boot off USB it is not recongnised
- When plug in with charger only the macbook does not turn on, it requires battery and charger plugged in to turn on


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If you get 8.59V with both charger and battery connected, then battery is not charging, or is fully 100% charged.
Do you get green light on magsafe at that moment?
This one has now been resolved, it turned out they battery was faulty, I cleaned the water damaged from the motherboard as well as replacing the battery and all is now working fine.


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Glad to hear is solved.
Always test with known good working parts, to avoid wasting time with working boards.
I need to find donor boards, where in china do you guys get your donor boards, Also have you had any of the new macs in yet with the M1 Chip?, I doubt they are going to be repairable much!!!.