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Whats up all Aldo here. I'm new to the boards! and everything is chinese hope to make sense of this soon. So i've watched most of Louis videos by now it seems like he highly recommends the wha900 but its not talked about in these boards? really a good choice before JBC.?
Question here is Hakko Fr-810 or WHA900?


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FR-810. I hated it at first for the interface but between the shitty shielding around the heating element of the WHA900 and the fact that turning the heat up causes all the LEDs in my office to flicker.. eh. No thanks. My love affair with it is over.

The FR-810 interface is a joke, but it doesn't bother me as much as my lights flickering bothers me. No Hakko, no JBC, fuck not even a BAKU rework machine ever caused my office lights to flicker.

And the JBC is WAYYYYYY more powerful than the fucking Weller!

I liked it, but upon long term use, I don't like it as much anymore.

It's just old shit technology. It doesn't even automatically let the air run for a minute when you turn it off .... just goes straight to being off, and lets the heating element sit and burn.


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Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah that kind of sucks, I liked how you spoke about the interface being very easy to use. (while your working) Well Hakko it is seeing as the JBC is out of my budget.