820-00165 (2.2Ghz i7) running a little too hot.

I have encountered this before but it wasn't this bad.
The customer is complaining about the machine locking up and freezing.

I have a 820-0065 lb that the CPU runs incredibly hot.
Fan spin is normal. "replaced it anyway
Heat sink seems to conduct heat well and it is too hot to touch at the fin side. "replaced it anyway" (yes silver thermal paste)

right after boot up:
CPU Core 1 98c
CPU Core 2 98c

Temps drop to 50's after it has sat for a while.

Now I may be splitting hairs here as I have seen this before but it seems a little "TOO" hot for me.

Nova Bench cpu results 437` (which are similar to others I have tested)
Temperatures mid 80's during the test. (does not seem that bad to me)
I use a older version of NovaBench that is clean and quick.


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TJunction is 105°C for this CPU so it should be "fine" (as in that's how Apple does thermal design — look at max temp and do a cooling system that can keep it just below). Fan should ramp up when it gets close to that temperature but it always takes a while. I'd first suspect software or drive issues.