820-00840 5v 0.03amp

Yoel Ren

Hi, this board came in with sign from previous repair store : "owner want to cancel, so they undo all their work till it dead again"
anyway, i check that pp3v3_g3h is shorted, i tried to inject.., then i look around and i found that they put smc with solder blob, removing the smc relieve the pp3v3_g3h short.The question is : do my injection kill the smc ?

Anyway i reball the smc, no short on pp3v3, I have checked, with battery, ppbus is around 11v, and have 20v on charger 0amps , doesnt turn on
without charger, only 5v, and taking 0.03amps

i have ldo voltage on pp3v3 and 1v8for both cd3215, 1v1 only appear at the corresponding connected port. ( no short )..
smc_reset_l 2.8v
buf_smc_Reset_l 2.2v , removing u8510 make both of that voltage 3.3v.. does all this symptom pointing to bad smc ? ( I have tried replacing u7000 )
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