820-01598 No image - Turning on - Liquid Damage

I am looking at an 820-01598 which works almost perfectly.

Sadly the screen is not detected, nothing on the LCD and no backlight. Works when connected to an external.

I have cleaned the board off and can see no damage to traces/components. The backlight IC looks clean.

Attached are some pre-clean photos for reference.

It would be great to know what I should look for to determine what is preventing the LCD from enabling.




Staff member
Inspect J8500 for liquid sign.
Check diode mode to ground on EDP data lines.

Do you get 3V3/5V_S0SW_LCD, at least in the first few seconds (when chime)?
There were signs of corrosion on the LCD cable connector.

I didn't get 3V3/5V_S0SW_LCD even momentarily.

Unfortunately or fortunately the customer contacted their insurance company and collected the laptop.

Case closed, thank you for the assistance.