820-2850 Green light but no fan spin

Hi there!

I have an 820-2850 with Green light but no fan spin. It's measuring 0V at PP18V5_DCIN_FUSE

I'd really appreciate any help!

Thank you!
Very strange. it's now showing 16.8v at the fuse now. Could've sworn it was 0v .

But anyway, the issue is still there. Have green light but no fan spin and no boot
PPBUS_G3H fluctuates what looks like between 3v and 12 volts. it goes up and down.
L7260 fluctuates as well, between 0v and 1v
L7220 is just 0v

Yes always genuine


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Someone else has already messed with this so it will not be fun, you can tell from the TPS51125 being soldered on some pins and not on others. And the joints that were created without enough flux.

If you remove F7040 does PPBUS_G3H still pulse or no?