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I have an A1286 that seams to have a bad GPU. CPU gets, hot, I have fan spin, no USB activity and all voltages are present on big coils.

Is there any way to "temporary" disable the GPU, to be sure that the problem is the GPU?

Is there any other way to troubleshoot this problem?

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Tks. Already done and I also remove R8901 (This is an 820-3330-B board), but it doesn't boot.

However, now i get 0V on L7550/60, and they seam to be shorted (1ohm to ground and 0.003 on diode mode)
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OK. Didn't know about BIOS mod and 3330 board.
I checked everithing and nothing is out of place. I don't think that it was something that i did. Shel I inject some voltage on them to try to figure out what gets hot?
The short is on the PPVCORE_S0_AXG2/1_L (1.5 ohm to ground and 0.003 in diode mode)
I supose that i should remove R7550/60. Am I correct?
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