A2289 keyboard problem


Hello!, i have A2289 with keyboard problem, A and D keys were not working so replaced with a new keyboard just to find out that same 2 keys still not working... Any ideas?


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Many keyboard testers available on Internet.
Choose one and do a full keyboard test.

Only two non-working keys should be keyboard issue.
Many more keys are connected in the same row, or column.
Entire line should be affected, if connector problem occurs.

Just in case, try known good trackpad board and flex.
Keyboard information goes to PCH through trackpad...


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Touchpad has firmware in the STM32F103B6 MCU and if incorrect keyboard is used with incompatible firmware it will cause this issue.
Keyboard and touchpad must be for the exact same model number, a lot of Aliexpress sellers don't know what they are selling.