Anybody seen this magic machine??

This is my first post.
I've gotten into this about 7 years ago, trying to expand my customer base in the past year.
Been meaning to talk to larger repair shops, to get them to outsource their board repair to me.
I've been trying to check out the competition in my area, when I ran onto this (a service that a competitor is offering) :
check it out: what kind of fucking magic is supposed to be going on in this black box of a machine? I guess it's an ultrasonic cleaner and a hairdryer combined into a fancy Ikea-looking metal housing??
I know they've gotten one of these, just as I was trying to convince them to outsource their work on liquiddamaged stuff to me.
this is what I'm up against with my outsourcing proposal: would you rather send your machines off to have some 'magic' work done on them, or by a blackboxmagic machine that you can press the button on yourself and get a 80% fix-rate?
What do you guys suppose I should say to them to reconsider and send their stuff to me instead of pressing 'start' on a.magic Scandinavian machine?
Their rate is 350 (EUR) for any liquid damaged Mac built from 2013-onwards; on a no-cure-no-pay-basis.

let me hear your thoughts. Louis, thanks for being born, I love you, please reply: I'll love you even more.


Going off of their website, which lacks any relevant information about this thing, I'd be surprised their machine even exists at all (does it, really?). There is no information about the product itself, how exactly it works, or how, if the animated video (with no actual real footage) is supposed to be somewhat true to reality, it's going to clean a complete bottom case without even taking the logic board out. I really dont see how thats going to happen.
If the animation is off, and you're supposed to just put the logic board in there, then it looks like a really expensive machine designed to 'sort of' clean liquid damage.
As its impossible to fix any logic board damage with any kind of cleaner, you could tell this large repair centre that you can handle boards with actual damage for them.
To be honest, your post, this device ánd the website are giving me scammy vibes.


It is probably working like the “TekDry” or “ReDux” or equivalent machines.

I think the theory behind it is by changing the air pressure it also changes the boiling point and there by it vaporizes at low temperatures and can get absorbed by some surrounding stuff. Maybe it will work if used just after the liquid is spilled but the success rate will fall for every minute you wait.

I now for sure that a lot of the totally corroded stuff we repair here would never get fixed by these kind of machines.
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Hey I had never heard of this type of machines before, tekdry redux, techsave, all different smells coming from the same turd I guess..
Stupid thing is, the majority of customers probably wouldn't know shit about the real work involved in repairing from liquid spill. let alone the CEO of the biggest chain of Mac-repairs in my country, who recently purchased this device and is marketing its bloated results to customers in my region...pff.


All one big pile of bull shit. No magic machine is going to restore corroded traces or remove crap from under a BGA.

Machines that come out fully working are the ones that would have worked again after drying out naturally or just after some tooth brush cleaning. Charging 350 for this is a complete rip off unless they warranty the repair for at least a year while the left over corrosion eats away under chips.


Yes but you know that long grain yeilds better results than short grain?
Personally I keep a 10kg bag of basmati in my workshop at all times... Think I might get me one of these fabulous machines!!
I've had good results with spaghetti. Its not rice, but its super long!
thanks for the replies guys.
These jokes remind me of a funny customer I had last week: she'd spilled fucking soy sauce on her Mac, then decided to put it in rice. When she came to me for pickup, she joked about this being embarrassing because she's Japanese. I then of course gave her a discount because of the free lunch she provided me.


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I don't even understand what this device can do that will clean away corrosion because the video tells me they place the whole device in. (In which most if not all methods of cleaning will destroy the display and speaker/microphones)
If this device even exists it probably just a big dryer.

Also to be honest this looks like one of those college group projects where they have to create a legitimate looking business.


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"Amac is the first in Europe to work with this high-tech machine"


Is this actually real? I mean, it's a joke right?
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Most of us here are charging something like that or less for disassembling and cleaning a machine manually, repairing actual logic board problems ánd cleaning it in a UC. I don't really understand how larger companies get away with charging the amounts they do and keep their business, but I thats more of a businessey topic for another day.

captainmac; sorry for thinking that you registered here to lure people to a fake machine, my bad. Also, your name rings a bell. Kennen wij elkaar niet?
Atomrepair : was waiting for that bell to start ringing:) how's it going! dukefawks exactly the page I found
I used to work for Amac (about 8 years ago now) and remember the bosses being gifted with a huge ignorance when it comes to technology, and being big Apple-fanboys; which is the exact characteristic of a person likely to fall for the childish animated promo-video of TechSave.
It gives me shivers that this shit is actually sellable to people as a service.
I truly hope that they are going to get a lot of disappointed customers, and give me a very good reason to start aggressively promoting real repairs for fuck's sake..
G.Beard : the machine is actually real, I know a guy who worked there till about a month ago, told me all about it, they even went to Denmark for a personal demonstration of the device (and then bought it)