Recomended tools by Louis,


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Louis copied your tool list.

microscope -

microscope light

hot air station hakko fr-810 -

soldering station with 2027 iron(big iron)

micro iron -

tip for standard iron -

tip for micropencil that I prefer using -

tip for really tiny connectors(ipad mini digitizer) -

smoke absorber -

ultrasonic cleaner(don't buy cheap shit it'll bite you in the ass) -

fluid for ultrasonic - use 100 milliliters per gallon of distilled water -

big jumper wire that is insulated -

small jumper wire - rip out of old dead macbook pro battery wire(like A1286 internal batteries, the wire connecting it to the board)

Probably old but work great :

Fluke 15B multimeter
Fluke Rigid back probe pin set
DS1102E digitale oscilloscoop 100MHZ

added from my experience

JBC CP-2E Micro Tweezers Station

CW3300g from (green stuf for protecting your new made traces)
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hi friends im using led .30 mm solder 1.2% flux , some one knows if there is anything smaller than that? or something with more flux on the core? that will be better?


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Working distantce is not bad but you need to be able to put a soldering iron underneath it.

Also i hate the platter under it i like a Smooth and flat work place so i can shove the board al around


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That is not the type of microscope that you want to be using.

I have 4" of working distance and it works just fine.


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Ill have to look at which model i use again. Im going to do some lens upgrades on scope and eye pieces, but currently get around 8" of play depending on size. Mostly work from onscreen camera 5mp. Its a trinocular amscope model. I beleive i paid around 1000, but it should be cheaper now 2-3 years later.


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What do you think about Amscope SMZK-1TSX

It has a working distance of 8" or 200mm

I have a tendency to buy one microscope with more working distance than 100mm because the one that Im using right now is a CHEAP german microscope with 20x magnification and only 70mm working distance.
It is mounted on an old TV boom stand so I can swing it everywhere on my desk.
The next one I buy should be more advanced than that.

I would buy the mentioned microscope and mount it on another boom stand BUT I'm afraid of any instabilities because of the hight.
I'm afraid it shakes too much....


I did some research and found out that almost every Amscope can change its work distance by adding an additional LENS on it.
In my case I would need a 0.5x Barlow which decreases the magnification but increases the working distance:


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You should also look at superwide lens. I have the working distance, but the field of view for my lens is very narrow, which is why my next upgrade is to get some super wide view lens that still offers the greater working distance.

Also, its not just the lens on the bottom of your scope. Your eyelet lenses are also customizable. This upgrade is also on my list as the stock units are not very comfortable and often dont merge the field of view as i would expect. They also can affect focus and zoom... Lots of options.
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I ordered the SM-4B with a 0.5x barlow now
Since I'm in Germany I payed 550€ altogether...
I hope the sale of my old microscope with the boom stand brings a view coins back


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There is one other tool, I can recommend, especially when you have a shitty soldering station or you don’t want to harm the chip you are currently working on. It’s called Rose’s metal. It has a very low melting point of about 100°C. Rose’s metal is very usefull to lower the melting temperature of the lead-free shit, some manufacturer use on it’s board. In my Job I use it for desoldering chips with important information on it that mustn’t be destroyed.


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hey guys yesterday I got my Crest ultrasonic and I use it for the first time and fix a MacBook air board no 3.3V s5 rails before the crest , fix board after the crest AWSOME thank you!.


I remember a green conformal coating pen but I don't remember in what video Louis talks about it, can anyone put a link for buying it?