Recomended tools by Louis,

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I have a small question so I'll post it here instead of opening a new topic. What is the green stuff that you are using, louis?


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I have another question for this thread:
What kind of solder are you using?

For production we use the SAC305 and Koki S03X7Ca. Both are lead-free. I also use this solder for SMD rework. And as leaded solder, I use Sn60Pb40.
In some video of Jessa, she said, that she is using a Sn63Pb37 solder. So I bought this solder to try it out. I used it to solder some resistors to a stripboard. But I'm not quite convinced about this solder. The solder wasn't flowing. Only with excessive amount of flux, I had good results.


larossmann where do you get a syringe needle for the amtech flux you sell. I purchased one a while back and I've been having to stick my finger inside the syringe to push the flux out and it makes it easy to put too much flux.


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anyone from the Netherlands been able to get the amscope boom stand trinoculair microscope, for a good price?
aint able to order true amazon and also not by


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Thanks for the heads up.
But same issue Amazon wont ship to here.

Any one have a good alternitive?
Boom stand


Louis copied your tool list.

microscope -

microscope light

hot air station hakko fr-810 -

soldering station with 2027 iron(big iron)

micro iron -

tip for standard iron -

tip for micropencil that I prefer using -

tip for really tiny connectors(ipad mini digitizer) -

smoke absorber -

ultrasonic cleaner(don't buy cheap shit it'll bite you in the ass) -

fluid for ultrasonic - use 100 milliliters per gallon of distilled water -

big jumper wire that is insulated -

small jumper wire - rip out of old dead macbook pro battery wire(like A1286 internal batteries, the wire connecting it to the board)

Probably old but work great :

Fluke 15B multimeter
Fluke Rigid back probe pin set
DS1102E digitale oscilloscoop 100MHZ

added from my experience

JBC CP-2E Micro Tweezers Station

CW3300g from (green stuf for protecting your new made traces)

what is good ripple free bench power supply... also which one is better for our use switching power supply or linear one? thanks


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what is good ripple free bench power supply... also which one is better for our use switching power supply or linear one? thanks

In my Lab, I use the Rigol DP832A power supply. It's a high precision power supply, but it has it's price. Once you used it, you don't want to use any other. Besides I also have a SPS-8400 Power Supply, it's a 0-15V@40A beast and a LVP-1602 [email protected]. But in 99% I use the Rigol.


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It is great at replacing BGA chips.

If only it made economical sense.

BGA rework is a 40 minute job. In and of itself, it already breaks my rule of not spending more than 20 minutes on a board. The bigger issue here is that all the chipsets you can buy are the rejects/fakes/bullcrap that chinese people pried off dead motherboards with a flathead screwdriver(being a little dramatic here but you get my point), cleaned off, and sold to you.

Did it not work because the chip was bad?

Did it not work because it was improperly soldered?

Did it not work because that chip was only ONE of several other issues?

Who knows? And who cares - you just wasted 40 minutes of your life, $30-$50 of your money... for something that doesn't work.

Fuck that.