Tons of untouched/clean boards for sale!


We have too many boards! We have inventory that's dying on the vine because we simply don't have the time or manpower to repair them all. In addition, we're also rolling over stock and clearing out some older model boards. Before we slaved away to get them all listed on eBay or sold to our customers, I figured I'd offer some up here in the meantime.

I won't make this long, because if you're in this thread or interested in this post, you know what you're getting. We have all board models from 2009 to 2015 that we'll be selling. Not selling any newer models because we're still a bit thin there.

All boards sold will be:

1. Free from any tampering, attempted repairs, or removed parts. 99.9% of these are totally-clean and directly from the source who removed them from the units.
2. Free from "heavy" liquid-damage that would render a board too-damaged to repair. We remove all of these to use for parts boards.
3. Free from any heavy physical damage (cracked PCBs, ripped-off CPU/SSD studs, etc).
4. Excellent candidates for repair. Will they all be repairable? Of course not, but these won't be boards we've discarded because they aren't repairable. They're boards we simply cannot get to due to economic reasons, and ones we saved for repair for ourselves. High-quality boards that will 100% be profitable.

Models available:

1. 820-2530 -- we have hundreds of these
2. 820-2879 -- we have hundreds of these
3. 820-2850 (90%+ will have common tantalum issue only--tantalum caps not replaced yet!). -- we have hundreds of these
4. 820-2936 -- we have hundreds of these
5. 820-3023 -- we have dozens of these
6. 820-3024 -- we have dozens of these
7. 820-3208 -- we have hundreds of these
8. 820-3209 -- we have hundreds of these
9. 820-3115 -- we have hundreds of these
10. 820-3536 -- we have dozens of these
11. 820-3476 -- we have dozens of these
12. 820-3662 -- we have hundreds of these
13. 820-3787 -- we have hundreds of these

These are quality boards that you will not get on eBay! We work with several very large vendors and buy these boards by the hundreds/thousands at a time. We go through them and separate all the junk out and then keep the rest for repair. The boards in this post will come from the selection we keep for ourselves, so ones we deemed worthy of spending time on. We are looking to sell them for essentially what we paid before they depreciate any more, but will let you message offers. We will leave a lot of room for you to make a profit and for it to be worth your time (unlike some other guys trying to sell repairable boards). Would prefer to sell them in minimum lots of 10 to make it worth our time (not looking to sell 1-2 boards at a time). Please message me here on the forums to discuss details. I'll cover shipping to the USA and will eat all associated PayPal fees (won't require you to send payment as "gift" or anything). Message me with offers/inquiries. We'll be listing these all on eBay in January, so this post will probably only be up for a week or so.



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I may be interested by this but I'm not in the USA. Is shipping overseas something feasible?

PS: can't seem to be able to send a private message, I'm reachable on rossmanngroup Discord if ever.


We could arrange international shipping, but would ask you to cover the costs. These boards can get heavy when we ship 50+, so the cost is likely to be quite high. I'll try to PM you now--thanks!


Also, to clarify: These are not "parts" boards. These are boards with a very high chance of repair, not ones we've picked through and discarded. These are directly from our stock of repairable boards.


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Thanks for your answer, I got the private message notification by mail but I can't access my private messages and answer it, and the mail just shows a small part of the message (up to "exact quantities"). It seems like permissions are broken on my account since I get a "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page" error. (had issues with my subscription just a couple of days ago too)

So about the models, it'll be mostly: 820-2850, 820-3023 (only a couple at most), 820-3209, 820-3115, 820-3476, 820-3662, 820-3787, as you'd expect, although if others are very cheap why not. And if ever you have some old garbage like 820-2249 or 820-2262 too. I genuinely have no idea how much you want for them so I don't know how many to ask for. The boards for parts/not working that sell on eBay or the "local craigslist" are always overpriced (it's even worse outside the USA), far from their actual value as most of the times they're not in good conditions.

PS: may be important to note that I'm not a business and while I do board repair work I don't make money fixing Apple products. (just to say I can't buy all your stock, far from that unfortunately)


All still available as of right now; please message me to discuss pricing. If possible, please just include offer amounts in the message for the model(s) you're interested in. Boards are all excellent repair candidates, so no heavy-liquid damage, no physically damaged PCB or anything, no known-dead CPUs/PCHs/etc. We discard all of those boards for parts and set these boards aside for repair. Please keep this in mind when sending offers; these aren't trashy boards from eBay. :)