What would YOU find valuable in an industry trade association?


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We don't really have a board repair/device repair industry trade association. Let's say we did.

What would be necessary for it to be valuable to you?

What should it provide?


Hello Louis,

I saw your video on this topic yesterday!

For it to be valuable to us long term the association / accreditation process would have to do at least one of two things...

1. Give us skills to do work we currently are not able to do
2. Deliver us customers we currently do not get

Allow me to expand


With board repair I've found the community to be open with their advice and their knowledge. They share everything from tools to specific equipment and techniques. By contrast the Data Recovery community seems to be the exact opposite. Most of what I've learnt has been through a lucky friendship or two, and direct correspondence with the companies selling the tools. Aside from $20k+ in courses (over which there is massive argument about their usefulness) it appears to be a very difficult area to break into.

It would be good to have foundational level courses in a range of areas (perhaps these would be free) and then advanced courses available for additional cost. ? Courses in what NOT to do would be just as helpful! (Especially for DR firms) You could also have an internal directory so that members who don't want to bother with board repair / data recovery can find local, certified people to do the work.

How much of a broad base of repair would you want to cover? Physical repair like on your channel or all the way down to "how to connect a wireless printer for grandma?"


To be useful beyond simply "up-skilling" the membership would need to have some purchase with the customer as a good thing.
We get questions all the time "Are you an Authorized Apple Repaired" "Are you using genuine Apple Part" etc etc. Their marketing is so good that (some) people don't want aftermarket SSD's even though they're better, cheaper, more reliable etc.

So it would need a good name, good branding, consistency of branding and some kind of licencing and re-certification process to ensure the work being put out by the 'members' was good and the messaging was clear to clients.

To get THAT far would be a massive undertaking and achievement. I guess a parallel at least in Australia would be RAA mechanic certification for cars. One of our larger insurance companies endorses certain mechanics who meet certain standards etc.

For our industry it would need a big, well known and respected company.

Maybe approach Apple and see if they'd be interested . . .